About Us

umx designs, manufactures, and markets an expanding portfolio of mobile cellular phones for both CDMA and WCDMA operators.  We have sold more than 20 million handsets globally over the last 3 years. Unimax Communications Corp. has its R&D center in Bejieng and Shen Zhen, China.

The goal of Unimax Communications is to build a leading 4G broadband wireless technology company to provide 4G chipsets to support LTE. Unimax focuses on innovation and invests heavily in advanced research to develop a large patent portfolio. Presently, Unimax was awarded several national grants to support 4G technology research.  Moreover, Unimax continues to develop high performance and low cost products to satisfy customer requirements and maximize investors' return.

umx is currently one of the fastest growing of the world's top ten mobile phone manufacturers, UMX makes access to today's mobile lifestyle simple by offering exciting, easy-to-use devices equipped with the technology people need most, at prices they can afford. 

umx is a brand of Unimax Communications.